Outdoor Amplified Antenna 150 Miles Range 360° Rotation Wireless Remote No Assembly Required

91.00 CAD

It maintains the robust design and superior quality while minimizing the hassle of assembly, the foldable design enables it be portable. This Antenna comes with our PureVertex technology, meaning that signals from other appliances, cellular signals, FM signals get omitted. Leaving you with a crisp picture and more channels. Built in Noise Reducer, which cancels noise that can be generated from household appliances, power lines and other antennas around you. This allows you to get reception of signals with low levels enabling you to view more channels. Gone are the days where you have to get up on the roof and change the direction of the antenna yourself, you can do all of that by the comfort of your living room by the touch of a button. Comes with 1 Year warranty. Specification Frequency(VHF): 40~300MHz Frequency(UHF): 470~890MHz VHF Gain: 25+/-5dB UHF Gain: 30+/-5dB Impedance: 75Ohms F-Connector Max. Rotation: Max 360 Power: 3-Watt Noise Figure: 2.5dB Voltage Input AC120-Volt +/-10%/60Hz Voltage Output: AC15-Volt/300mA Our Antennas are made from thicker aluminum and get much better reception than the competition so Boost your Signal with BoostWaves. Actual range may vary and is highly dependent on your location. Addresses in valleys or areas with large obstructions such as mountains, buildings, etc. will reduce effective range. You can search your zip on the FCC website for channels available Mounting pole not included – Put B017JFM7WW into search box for pole.



  • Support full 360°rotation using the infrared remote controller included in the package
  • Gain 20-28dB – channel: VHF1-12 UHF21-69 only company that offers 1-year warranty- on amplified control box and antenna motor
  • Pivoting base design for the perfect antenna angle
  • Solid construction with water-proof capability; made by unique imports; BoostWaves
  • Reception range: up to 150 miles – flagship model provides best quality in the market