Fixed Frame Projector Screen – 16:9, 120 in. High Contrast Gray 0.9 Gain

309.00 CAD

QualGear QG-PS-FF6-169-120-G is a 120 in. 16:9 HDTV 6cm fixed frame projector screen features high contrast gray soft. fabric 0.9 gain. This fabric is designed to enhance the contrast and improves the black levels of the videos and movies, so you have the best viewing experience at home or office. This high-quality projector screen is made of sturdy aluminum frame wrapped in luxurious black velvet. Color installation manual and pre-sorted hardware are included to make the installation process easy.



  • Pro-AV 120 in. fixed frame wall projector screen with high contrast gray 0.9 gain
  • Aluminum frame covered with black velvet
  • High contrast gray 0.9 gain
  • Mildew and fire resistant, washable fabric (can remove stains with damped cloth)
  • 6cm width frame
  • Presorted hardware
  • Color installation manual
  • Pro AV quality